Project Description

Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX)

World’s first celebrity crypto exchange aims to bring cutting-edge blockchain technology to the entertainment industry

GCOX was established in February 2017 as the brainchild of its founding team comprising Chief Executive Officer Sir Dr Jeffrey Lin, Chief Technical Officer Loh Chee Tim and a group of notable private investors. The mission was to bring business fundamentals to the world of blockchain and create value for fans, celebrities and investors. What started out as a dream swiftly resulted in a massive World Tour spanning three continents. The GCOX team, spearheaded by Sir Dr Jeffrey Lin, engaged Flame Communications to embark on a media world tour which started in March 2018 to promote and spread the word on GCOX and the exciting world of celebrity tokens.

Results and Achievements

  • Flame Comms embarked on an international PR campaign that maps the journey of GCOX, that began when boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, the 11-time world champion in 8 different weight classes and Senator of the Philippines, signed on as a key investor and the first celebrity on the GCOX platform in December 2017. This was closely followed by the unveiling of soccer superstar and icon Michael Owen as GCOX’s Key Investor cum Board of Advisor and superstar celebrity at the highly anticipated media event in Hong Kong, coinciding with the Token 2049 conference which was attended by major crypto players in the market.
  • GCOX took the world by storm from the get go when both Owen and Dr Jeffrey were featured in an exclusive interview on CNBC Hong Kong’s Squawk Box with the internationally-acclaimed and award-winning host Bernie Lo.
  • What followed was nothing short of amazing. The news of GCOX’s arrival onto the crypto-scene was carried by every major global news network including Bloomberg, CNN, Reuters, AFP, MSNBC and Channel News Asia, just to name a few.
  • Flame Comms has helped to reinforce GCOX’s positioning in the crypto and entertainment media space with publicity spanning over 30 countries. To date, the team has helped to secure more than 800 positive media articles about the company and its product.

Services Delivered

  • International Media Relations
  • Celebrity Profiling
  • Events Management

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