How to Make Content Marketing Work

Florence Fang
Managing Director and Principal Consultant
Flame Communications Pte Ltd

February 15, 2017

How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Business

The Internet has now become one of the biggest platform of opportunities, especially to businesses. It allows anyone to reach across the globe within minutes, if not seconds. And with more than half the world population having access to it, there is plenty of potential market for everyone. For this reason that more and more people embark on online marketing. One of the best examples to this is content marketing.

If you have already come across stories, news, and/articles about a product or a service, those are part of a content marketing strategy of its makers or distributors. Simply put, it is the creation, publication, and distribution of a content that is intended for online audience. With this kind of marketing strategy, the makers or distributors of a product or service is enabled to expand and diversify their potential market. With the user base increased, sales will follow and the name of the business whether a product or a business is established.


Top three factors to consider when creating online content

Content creation has a simple rule, and that is to create something that will be valuable to its target audience. Say you are selling shampoo that can help you grow your hair in minutes. Your target audience might be those with receding hairlines but you shouldn’t forget those that are reaching that age. The content should always provide information where those who wanted to regrow their hair and those that wanted to prevent hair loss would ultimately benefit.

Here are three factors that should be considered when creating an online content:

  1. The needs of the target audience. Before creating a content marketing strategy, make sure that you have identified the most important part of your business – the potential market. While writing for everybody is good, it will do you better if you have a clear target audience in mind. Your tone and content type should matter to the age, type, and orientation of your audience
  2. Make a plan for your content and its types. You just don’t write whatever that comes to your head for your content marketing strategy. You need to have a clear outline of what should go today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Doing so keeps your audience at their feet for your new update.
  3. Develop a content management system for your business. Sometimes, what you think is best for your target audience is different from what they really want. Therefore, don’t rely on your guts but make your content marketing strategy accounted for. Use a system to help you track and analyze what kind of content and its type your audience respond on better. With that information, you can effectively create a content that suit your target audience.

The most important thing to remember in content marketing is the value of each content can offer to your target audience. Only then will it create a funnel to your business and traffic will start pouring in. The more people visits your content on your business’ site the more chances of online sales you have. If you are unsure of how to develop an effective content marketing strategy, engage an experienced communications specialist to help you.