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Cryptocurrencies – The Future of Money?

Cryptocurrencies – The Future of Money The first cryptocurrency the world ever knew was first described by a software developer named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2010. In the white paper he wrote, titled ‘A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’, he defined a decentralised distributed ledger that would determine ownership of a virtual coin and record all transactions […]

Give your business a push on social media

Social media has come a long way in a short period of time. When Facebook and Instagram first launched, no-one could have predicted that these two social network companies would be worth billions. Today, social media has become an added marketing tool for most businesses. Social media helps businesses communicate to their target audiences directly […]

Donate to Support a Great Singaporean Artist Shih Yun

INKPULSE charts the course of Yeo Shih Yun’s art journey from 2000 until 2017—one that chronicles from her budding years when she first fell in love with Chinese ink, to diving headfirst into Abstract Expressionism, Rothko and the other “gods” that would serve to underpin Yeo Shih Yun’s creative oeuvre and penchant for unconventional experimentations, to her eventual founding of INSTINC and collaborations […]

What does a well-rounded music education mean?

  In view of attaining a well-rounded music education, Flame Communications’ Creative Team is pleased to support Steinway Gallery Singapore in the video production of the Steinway Lecture Series. Steinway Gallery Singapore defines a holistic music education programme as one that provides you with a fresh and futuristic perspective towards your musical development. You will […]

How to Make Content Marketing Work

 How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Business The Internet has now become one of the biggest platform of opportunities, especially to businesses. It allows anyone to reach across the globe within minutes, if not seconds. And with more than half the world population having access to it, there is plenty of potential market […]

PR Trends to Watch

The PR industry is forever evolving, and currently it is morphing itself via digital channels. Hence, it is important for PR professionals to stay abreast with the trends in order to be on target and achieve optimum results. Here are five top trends to lookout for: Content Marketing Content marketing is essentially marketing that involves […]

Jack the News Like a Professional

Newsjacking is taking the PR world by storm. It has become a go-to marketing strategy that savvy PR professionals and marketers use to generate more, if not, constant publicity, or in the case of Oreo’s 2013 Super Bowl Tweet ‘You can still dunk in the dark’ or Air Asia’s Coldplay moment, instant attention and, yes, […]

How to Plan Your Communications Campaign for Effective Engagement

Keeping abreast of communication trends may not be your top priority if you are a business owner, but you will be surprised at the difference an effective communications campaign can do to boost your business. Greater reliance on mobile devices, stronger engagement in social media platforms and the increasing need for immediate outcomes have surely […]